Loading In and Loading Out Instructions

Failure To Follow These Instructions May Result In Non-Acceptance Of Future Show Contracts!

Pick up your exhibitor pack from the table at the loading dock before entering.

Please do not enter the exhibit hall until 5:00 p.m.

When you arrive at the Lansing Center you may pull into the loading dock as space permits.  Whether or not you will be allowed to wait in your vehicle at the loading dock before load-in time will depend on what other functions are in progress at the Lansing Center.  It is safer to be prepared for "no".

Show staff will be available to assist you.  Please keep your boxes to a reasonable weight.  If you prefer to load in on your own there will be a few carts available for use; however, feel free to use your own cart if you have one.

When you have finished unloading, park your car in a designated parking area.  The map and directions here show how to get to the Lansing Center as well as the parking areas and fees in the Lansing Center vicinity.

Carts will be available for load out on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. at the loading dock.  Do not take carts earlier!  Show staff assistance will be available, on a limited basis.

Show Schedule


5:00 p.m.
Load In/Set Up Begins
You may unload your boxes, etc, into your booth.  You may begin set-up as soon as you unload. However, no cases, tables, etc, may be placed in the aisles or the Fire Marshall will shut us down! Unloading will continue until the Exhibitor Hall closes.
10:00 p.m.
Hall Closes


7:00 a.m.
Load In / Set Up
Free coffee and doughnuts available while supplies last!
9:30 a.m.
Doors Open
The show starts!  Be ready!
5:00 p.m.
Doors close / Load Out Begins
Show's over.  In fairness to all customers and dealers, do not take down your display until the doors close.  Do not leave any trash at your booth at the end of the show; take it to designated trash areas.  Please leave at your booth all booth signs, numbers, name tags, exhibitor pack envelopes, and unused bags issued by us.  If you can distribute any unused flyers, feel free to take them.